Meet Parker


I believe in honoring our four-legged family members with humane and loving leadership, and to this end I regularly use positive reinforcement training techniques to strengthen desired behaviors. Working in conjunction with you at home, I support a process that not only gives your dog a great daily work-out, but enhances her overall living experience and strengthens her bond with you.

Through my previous experience working for other dog-care companies, I gained valuable know-how, and fell in love with countless canines. But I also witnessed a concerning side of our unregulated dog care industry, characterized by dangerously high pack numbers and inadequate knowledge. Offering individually tailored care, intimate and consistent packs (never greater than 6 dogs), and the highest degree of love and quality at every turn, Sundog is your alternative.

I look forward to meeting you!

*I credit my philosophies and knowledge to many sources, including dog experts and authors Karen Pryor (Don’t Shoot the Dog), Jean Donaldson (Culture Clash), Turid Rugaas (On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals), William E. Campbell (Behavior Problems in Dogs), and Suzanne Clothier (Bones Would Rain from the Sky). I am Bonded, Insured, and Pet CPR & First Aid certified.